What's the difference between Foam Cannon, Foam Lance, and snow foam lance?

During the Past a few years working in MJJC, many customers asked me such questions: "what is the difference between foam cannon and foam lance?", "which one is better?", "which one should i buy". 

i did answer these questions though these questions seem like not professional questions.

and in order to let the customers recognize the difference between foam cannon and foam lance before buying, i think it is necessary to clarify in this blog.

In fact, there was foam lance only, and when this innovative product was brought into United States of America, the sellers in USA created a new name for the product foam lance, they call the new name as "foam cannon". this new name sounds real USA style. ;)

So, foam cannon, foam lance, snow foam lance, they are just different names for the same product - foam gun that can creates high dense foam by working with high pressure washer.

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