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Shipping from China. There's possibility you will be charged with 15$-25$ as import tax.
Shipping from China. There's possibility you will be charged with 15$-25$ as import tax.
How's a Foam Cannon Made?

How's a Foam Cannon Made?

What does it take to produce a good quality foam cannon (snow foam lance)?

1. Design


First of all, a good design is essential. You will design a workable solution and blueprint. The design decides the foaming performance, durability, and user-friendliness of the foam cannon. 


2. Machinary


To make your design of into a good quality foam cannon, you will need to use well built machinaries, including injection molding machines, CNC machine tools, milling machines, punching machines, and smaller tools.

You will make all the material into designed parts: Plastic Nylon PA66, Plastic HDPE, PVC tubes, Brass, Stainless Steel, etc.


3. QC.


After the parts are made from the machinaries, before be assembled as full foam cannons, most of the parts must be checked and tested if necessary, in order to make sure all the parts are in correct size as per the design.


4. Assembling


After all the qualified parts are prepared, workers will assemble those parts one after another into full foam cannons (snow foam lances).


5. Testing.


After assembling, the foam cannons will also be checked and tested again in order to testify if all the previous jobs are done properly and make sure the foam cannons are in good conditions. We will check the apperance, test foaming performance, liquid suction ability, spray patterns, and snow foam adjusting knobs.


6. Labling and Packing


After the final QC, if necessary, the qualified foam cannons will be labeled with their brands,and packaged into individual boxes.


7. Completion and Shipping


Now, the foam cannons will be sent to customers all over the world.


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