Lighter Version VS Brass Version Foam Lance

Lighter Version VS Brass Version Foam Lance

In early 2017, we created a lighter version foam cannon, and i suppose many customers also want to know what is the difference between the Lighter version and the Brass version?

Some people name this lighter version as plastic version. In fact, all the foam lances are with both brass and plastic components. So, the lighter version foam lance is also made with brass parts and plastic parts. however, the bottle cap and connector are made in "PA" material, which is higher crashworthiness due to the "PA“ material's high malleability. So, the lighter version is with less possibility of breaking when fallen to ground. You may suspect what I said. "How could a PA plastic part be stronger than brass part?", but that's true. after all, all the pressure washer parts that we can tough are all made with this "PA" plastic material.

Furthermore, the plastic parts are with two bolts on the thread to help you tighten the connector with foam lance body at a certain direction easier. You will understand that well after you try it.

So, if the lighter version seems better than the brass version, why is the lighter version cheaper? The brass material is higher cost, and even higher cost for produce, plus its heavier weight, so the brass version price is much higher.

So, if you are just in need of a foam lance for washing your own car or even car detailing business, the lighter version is the most recommend. After all, it is safe, lighter, cheaper, and durable.


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