Foam Cannon Orifice: 1.1mm or 1.25mm Nozzle Screw Jet for Snow Foam Lance (foam cannon)

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This is a Foam Cannon Orifice, a Nozzle Screw Jet for foam cannon(foam lance). Before you buy this item, make sure your foam lance is bought from or branded as MJJC. As it might be not working properly on other branded foam lance. 

What is the pressure range for each orifice?

  • 1.1mm orifice: for under 110Bar pressure washer
  • 1.25mm orifice: for 110Bar ~ 150Bar pressure washer
  • 1.35mm orifice: for 150Bar ~ 280Bar pressure washer
  • 1.65mm orifice: for 280Bar ~ 340Bar pressure washer


    There are two kinds of nozzle screw jet sizes, 1.25mm and 1.1mm. Normally, each MJJC foam lance is with 1.25mm nozzle screw jet already. You may just need the 1.25mm one for replacement if the previous one is broken for some reason. However, if your pressure washer is with too small pressure or very small output flow rate, you need 1.1mm nozzle screw jet on your snow foam lance to produce thicker foam to better washing your vehicle. For example, in USA, as the electricity is just 110v voltage, so most Elecrical power washers are very compact and small pressure, for those pressure washers, most people need this 1.1mm nozzle screw to make thick foam. anyway, if your foam lance (foam cannon) works fine with your pressure washer, then don't bother to replace the nozzle screw.

    1.1mm orifice is suggested to work on most under-110Bar pressure washers. if your pressure washer is over 110Bar or outflow rate is bigger than general 100Bar pressure washer, after you put the 1.1mm orifice on your foam cannon, your pressure washer would probably pulsate, in that case, you can just take off the 1.1mm orifice and put back the 1.25mm orifice, then it would be normal.

    Frequent asked questions:

    1. Why do the 1.1mm and 1.25mm nozzles look the same?

    The 1.1mm and 1.25mm nozzles look exactly same, they are just with different holes 1.1mm and 1.25mm, the holes are very small, so we can't recognize the difference by eyes.

    2. Why can't my foam lance(foam cannon) create thick foam like others?

    the foaming performance depends on not only the foam lance, but also the pressure and output rate of your power washer, as well as your car wash shampoo (soap). foam lance would make great foam with concentrated shampoo(soap), but most brands of shampoo(soap) is not concentrated type, even if they are big brands.

    3. Does this spare nozzle screw work with other brands of foam lance(foam cannon)?

    No, this nozzle screw is specially designed for MJJC foam lance only.

    5. Does MJJC Foam Cannon comes with free 1.1mm orifice?

    Yes, every MJJC foam cannon comes with one free 1.1mm orifice as spare in the box, and the default one on foam cannon is 1.25mm orifice.


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