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Due to Covid-19, Shipping Cost is much higher and slower.
Due to Covid-19, Shipping Cost is much higher and slower.

Foam Cannon Pro

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Foam Cannon Pro and S are new generation Foam Cannons, powered by MJJC new generation foam technology. It is stronger and creates more and thicker foam with less shampoo, even with smaller pressure washers. It has better connection system, so you will attach it to your pressure washer easily, and you will be able to change the spare parts much easier and faster than before.

In a word, it is better, stronger, saves you shampoo, but creates more foam, and easier and faster to foam your vehicle.


1. Bigger Tank (more than 1200ml ) to have more foaming time.

2. Anti-leak Tank Cap allowers you to foam classis and top without leaking.

3. Perfect stabability leak-proofness to stock liquid inside.

4. 360 Degree Adjustable Spray Direction feature makes it easier to foam the top and classis of your vehicle.

5. Better foam fan will be made with new spray nozzle.

6.Thicker foam will be made with even less shampoo(soap), saves you a lot of money every year.

7. Foam thickness up to 30% higher than first generation foam cannon with same amount of shampoo.

8. Thick foam can be made with even 90Bar(1300psi) pressure washers.

9. New connection system(patent pending) makes it easier to attach fittings, no need PTFE tape or glue.

10. New Structure makes it easier to change orifice nozzle and mesh filter.


Foam Cannon Pro is with bigger, stable and leakproof tank cap, allows you to better foam your vehicle's classis and top, as well as stock remaing liquid without leaking.

Foam Cannons Pro is with the new generation MJJC foam cannon technology, so you can rotate the spray nozzle 360 degree to foam your vehicle top and classis better not to waste foam on already foamed area.

Foam Cannon Pro produces 30% thicker foam than classic foam cannon, while you can use as less as 100ml shampoo per 900ml water(1:9 ratio). That means you can create thicker foam while you use less shampoo than before.

Foam Cannon Pro produces good foam even with 90Bar (1300psi) pressure washer. So, you won't need to buy a bigger pressure washer machine for having thicker foam on your vehicle.

Foam Cannon Pro will keep the foam fan spray adjustment feature and top knob, but they will be all set to the best condition before assembled, so you won't concern about it again.

Foam Cannon Pro is with variable adapter options, for you to choose the proper one to fit your pressure washer.

Foam Cannon Pro comes with 1.25mm orifice nozzle installed, and 1.1mm orifice nozzle as spare part, as well as one spare stainless steel mesh filter.

Foam Cannon Po has the new patented connection system, you will just scew on and Click & Play, no need extra PTFE tape or glue to seal your adapters. 

Foam Cannon Pro is with the new generation structure, makes it more robust and stronger.

Foam Cannon Pro is with the new design, makes it so easy to change the orifice nozzle and stainless steel mesh filter.

Foam Cannon Pro has all the features the foam cannon Classic and foam cannon S have, but has more for you to find and enjoy.

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