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Our holiday Jan. 19-Feb. 2. Will ship after Feb. 3.
Our holiday Jan. 19-Feb. 2. Will ship after Feb. 3.

Foam Cannon with 1/4" inch Quick Release Connection

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The Brass Foam Lance is with more Brass Parts inside, and due to the heavier weight and higher cost of brass material, the Brass Version Foam Lance is higher price than Plastic Foam Lance. but the quality are same. only different on material.

Each foam cannon comes with one 1.25mm orifice installed on, and one extra 1.1mm orifice inside the box. So you don't need to buy extra orifice when you order the foam cannon.

We Say:

This MJJC foam lance is not like any other cheap foam guns or foam makers. This quality foam lance makes thick, frothy foam covering and sticking on your vehicle. Only this MJJC foam lance can do it.You might have experienced with some cheap foam lances, maybe it cant be called foam lance, it sprays soapy water only, no thick foam comes out at all, especially when you use it with your small pressure washer. Right? Now, with this MJJC foam lance, you can say goodbye to that bad experience.

This MJJC foam lance can work with both 5000psi big commercial pressure washer and 1400psi home garden pressure washers

MJJC Foam Cannon creates a substantial amount of foam by forcing water through the nozzle where it mixes with the diluted shampoo that is in the gun’s reservoir. The foam is richer, thicker, and sticks to the car longer than soap applied by hand because the dilution ratio of the soap is higher.


  1. It makes soft fluffy snow foam, fun and simply.
  2. It works with any pressure washers, small and big are all working perfectly.
  3. It saves water, it’s eco-friendly.
  4. It’s touch-less car wash, it saves your time and energy.
  5. The thick foam suds melt rods and dirty on paint, thus it reduces swirl marks and scratches.


Pressure Range: 1400psi - 5000psi (both small and big pressure washer works perfectly)

Foaming Performance: 5 Star (we guarantee it is the best foam lance in foaming performance)

Durability: 10 Years.

Warranty: 1 Year (except the mesh filter inside, as the mesh filter might be stuck if your water resource is not filtered)

Capacity of bottle: 1000ml(1L)

Construction Material: Solid Brass, resistant Nylon(known as PA material), and HDPE bottle.

Maximum Water Temperature: 60 oC

Resistant to Chemical? Yes

Foam Consumption Adjustable? Yes

Spray Width Adjustable? Yes

Spare Parts Available for sale? Yes (such as the mesh filter, plastic parts and brass parts are all available for sale)

How To Use:

1. put PTFE tape on the brass tube(two threads), each thread needs 50cm PTFE tape.

2. put the fitting/adapter with brass tube and suction tube on foam lance unit.

3. Fill fluid bottle with desired amount of shampoo.

4.Fill fluid bottle with water (for best results, use warm water, 20% shampoo +80% water is suggested).

5.Shake the fluid bottle to mix the shampoo with water thoroughly.

6.Attach fluid bottle to foam lance unit.

7.Attach the fitting/adapter to pressure washer gun, and you can start playing with it.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

I am not surprised to see the excellent product that is the mjjc brand for the high quality and good service

Rookie foam cannon user

My first foam cannon and it works awesome! Watched a review of it on youtube from Pan The Organizer.He showed how to change out the orifice so you can get more foam in pressure washers with lower GPM,so its works well with my pressure washer. Great product.

Wish I had known sooner

This thing blows away chemical guys foam cannon at a price of 80 bucks so happy I found, so much more foam, Can't wait till I need another one.

Karcher K 1900 R compatible foam cannon?

Hello, MJJC,
could you recommend a suitable foam cannon for Karcher K 1900 R?
as far as i know, Karcher K 1900 R is different from Karcher k2 - k5.
thank you.

hi, yes, Karcher K 1900 R fits this 1/4 inch quick connection foam cannon, because there's a 1/4 inch quick connection spray tip at the end of spray wand of Karcher K 1900 R. Cheers,
Wish I had known sooner

Bought this awesome foam cannon after searching for a new one and what I got is so much more than the 80 bucks I spent at chemical guys, no more buying hype for me please people take a shot on this you will not be disappointed

i swear, nobody paid you for saying that. Thank you, dude. :)
The foam Cannon works wonderful

I bought this for my husband as a Christmas gift and he absolutely loved it.

Fantastic Piece of Foam Magic

WOW! Glad I got this. It works very well and is a well made Foam Cannon. I like it. My wife likes it. My cars like it.

I will buy another highly recommend

This soap Canon is awesome your entire vehicle will be white. The nozzle turns to make the spray wider or a stream