1000gsm Double Sides Multi purpose Microfiber Towel

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30x40cm (best value)

40x40cm (perfect size)

38x45cm (most popular)

The quality of this product is 1000 grams/square coral fleece fabric, single bar towel weighs about 160 grams. positive for yellow, as opposed to green, can wipe a variety of different colors on both sides place more convenient for you to use. products have a delicate touch is soft, absorbent, lint, and other characteristics.


Coral fleece imported ultrafine DTY fiber as raw material for production. compared with other textiles, its merit is particularly evident: enclosed is a soft, delicate, lint, and absorbent.

Soft: fine monofilament fiber, flexural modulus is small, so the fabric has outstanding softness.

Coverage well: due to the high fiber density, specific surface area, thus covering well.

Taking good: as the fiber has a larger surface area, which has a high wicking and breathability, comfort to stain the good: as the fabric soft and snug with the wipe object, which has very good cleaning effect.

Optics: due to large specific surface area, fiber Assembly surface light reflection of difference, so the fibers, fabrics, elegant, soft color.



Coral fleece is one of the latest and most popular textile fabrics in the fabric. Products for soft, delicate texture, environmental protection and other features. Mainly used for gowns, baby products, children's clothing, clothing, shoes, hats, toys, car accessories, crafts, home accessories and other materials. Home textile industry more and more popular in recent years. Outpouring of coral fleece bedding on the market, gradually replaced the traditional bedding, such as coral fleece blankets, quilts, pillows and Kit series was well received by the market.



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