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Shipping from China. There's possibility you will be charged with 15$-25$ as import tax.
Shipping from China. There's possibility you will be charged with 15$-25$ as import tax.

Foam Cannon Trouble Shoot and Solution

Common issues for Foam Cannons (snow foam lances), and the solutions to solve the issues:

1. No thick foam comes out, only soapy water comes out at the first time.

If your foam cannon is a new one and not used before, check your shampoo if it is concentrated shampoo, some big brand also sells bad foam shampoo. for example 3M. because some brands focus on neutral shampoo only, they don't make good foam shampoo. 

Secondly, make sure you turned the top knob to the most right direction (clockwise direction). 

Lasty, if your pressure washer is less than 90 Bar(1300 psi), you will not be able to make good foam at all. If your pressure washer is 90 Bar - 110 Bar (1300 psi - 1600 psi), please replace the spare 1.1mm orifice nozzle on your foam cannon to have better foam.


2. Foam Cannon was making good foam, but started to make bad foam later.

If your foam cannon was able to create good foam, but started to make bad foam later and the pressure comes out from foam cannon gets lower, the mesh filter inside is stuck, you need to replace it with a new one. Some customers even had this problem after using just once. that's not the product quality problem, but your chemical is very easy to get stuck in the mesh filter. Anyway, there's a way to protect it from stucking: just take off the bottle, turn on the machine and spray clean water for up to one minute every time after you spray foam. (the mesh filter is stuck by chemical residuals, not particles, so you can't see if it is stuck with your eyes.)


3. Foam comes out not in a fan, but in all directions.

You must have closed the spray nozzle blades completely. Turn the cone back a little to open the spray nozzle blades and keep the two blades in about 1mm distance to have your favorite fan.


4. When I turn my foam cannon up side down, liquid leaks from the cap.

That's normal. because there's a Air Pressure Release Hole on top of cap to balance the air pressure inside the bottle (tank). However, the new foam cannon Pro is with anti-leak cap, so Pro model won't leak like that.


5. Pressure Washer starts to pauze, working on and off every one second, it feels like something stuck inside.

That's because the orifice nozzle on foam cannon is too small to fit your pressure washer. You need bigger orifice nozzle. You can ask the supplier for help. Or, you can drill the orifice nozzle by yourself, for example, if your pressure washer is 150 Bar, you need a 1.35mm drill needle to drill the nozzle's hole to be 1.35mm.


6. Leaking on the adapter's thread.

For foam cannon Classic, you need to use PTFE tape on both the two threads before attaching on foam cannon. 

For foam cannon S and foam cannon Pro, the rubber o ring is probably worn out, ask supplier for help.


7. Adapter doesn't fit my pressure washer even though it looks similar to the adapter on my wand.

There are up to a dozen of adapters, and there are a few of each look very simialr to each other. however, they are different. Here is a guide for how to find your correct adapter.