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Air Pressure Washer Gun

Air Pressure Washer Gun

$79.00 $89.00

This is a Water Spray Gun Working with just air compressor, no need gas or electricty pressure washer.

It's Ideal to you if you want to wash cars and yard with high pressure without an electricity pressure washer

This Air Pressure Washer Gun can easily reach to the car bottom, tyres and easier to rinse off details.

If you have an air compressor but don't bother to buy a big electricity pressure washer, then this is the thing you really need.

The working theory of this gun is pretty easy to understand. The air source press and speed up the water inside the gun and makes the water spray out with higher pressure, you can understand the maximum pressure as water pressure + air pressure.
The nozzle at end of gun is adjustable for higher volume with lower pressure, or lower volume with higher pressure.

and the hoses are already attached on the guns before shipping, so you don't need to do anything else but just attach them to air source and water source and then pull the trigger.

There are some advantage of the metal HD type over plastic type:
1. metal type is more HD and more durable.
2. Metal type is with a holder on the handle, when you use it on a heavyduty work, you can pull the trigger first and hold the trigger into holder on handle, then no need to pull the trigger all the way.
3. There's no switch but only a trigger on Metal Type, so much convenient to use Metal Type.


The Basic Version is out of stock for now, so you can only order the HD version.


Q: does this air pressure washer gun works with 5 Bar air compressor?

A: Yes, 5 Bar air compressor works fine. this air pressure washer gun works well on pressure 5 - 10 Bar.

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