Super Spray Head, Super Sprayer, Super Foam Sprayer, the small Foam Spray Gun for hose, foaming and rise two purpose foam spray nozzle

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The Super Spray is a fantastic cost effective way of pre-washing your vehicle before washing with a mitt or sponge. Simply connect to your hose, turn the dial and cover the car in a rich , thick layer of suds. We've found using this device it not only reduces time whilst washing but makes it safer and more effective.

Quicker & more Convenient
Car washing with Superspray couldn't be more convenient. There're no cables & equipment to unpack. You don't even wait for a bucket to fill! You don't need to climb ladders to get shampoo onto even the highest vehicle. You don't even need a bucket at all. Just add your favourite shampoo, click to your Hose-pipe & start Car Washing!

When Car Washing with Superspray, only clean shampoo & water ever touches your car. 
If you wash your car with a bucket, every time you dip your sponge in the bucket, you transfer dirt & grit back onto your paintwork. Take a look what's in the bucket after a car wash!

Safer for you
Car Washing with Superspray couldn't be safer. There's no electricity or High Pressure Hoses, What's more you don't need to climb with heavy buckets. There's nothing to lift & carry. Not even a bucket!

Safer for your vehicle
Car Washing can be a major source of damage to cars. Paintwork can be scratched when dirt & grit are re-applied from a bucket. (We all know those dreaded "swirl-marks" when the sun shines).  Door Seals & other delicate parts are easily damaged by Car Washing with High Pressure Jets.
Car washing with Superspray overcomes all these problems. Only Clean water & shampoo are ever applied to your car. Superspray only uses normal water pressure, and The unique Superspray Twinjet further protects those delicate parts like Door & Window Seals.

Superspray's Accurate & Constant Mixing of shampoo also protects your car damage caused by over-diluted or under-diluted shampoo. Over-diluted shampoo can cause scratching, because the dirt & grit are not sufficiently softened & lubricated. Under-diluted shampoo can attack paintwork chemically.

Environmentally Friendly
Superspray requires no electricity or batteries. It's Twin Controls & constant Accurate Shampoo Mixing ensure only the minimum of Shampoo is used. They also drastically reduce Water Consumption.

Superspray is fully recyclable.

the kit includes the spray head and 1L bottle with measurement.