Towel, Pad, Sponge Bucket Washing Tool


Towel, Pad, Sponge Washer, Bucket Washing Tool


How to Use:

  1. Attach the water releasing tube at the bottom of bucket.
  2. Fill the bucket with 3/4 clean water and a few drops of towel pad cleaner.
  3. Put the dirty towels, Sponges, or Buffing Pads into the bucket.
  4. Attach and tighten the bucket lip.
  5. Spin the top Rotation Handle to wash the stuff inside.
  6. Abandon the dirty water when the inside stuff is washed and clean, and then Spin the top Rotation Handle again to dehydrate the stuff inside.
  7. Fill the bucket with 3/4 clean water again when the stuff is dehydrated, in order to clean the stuff further.
  8. Repeat the step 6 and 7 until the stuff is cleaned and dehydrated. Then you can use the clean towel and pads again.



  1. Manual Washer, no need electric or gas power.
  2. Built with high quality solid material.
  3. Doing the job of both Wash & Dry.
  4. Not only pads, sponges, even towels and cloths can be washed and dehydrated.
  5. Pretty Easy and simple to use, even a child can handle it properly.