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1.1mm and 1.25mm Orifice Nozzle Jet

1.1mm and 1.25mm Orifice Nozzle Jet

Each MJJC foam lance is installed with 1.25mm nozzle jet already and comes with 1.1mm nozzle jet as spare. Why?

To most people, the default 1.25mm orifice is perfect. However, if your pressure washer is with too small pressure or very low output flow rate(usually for lower than 110Bar pressure), you need to replace the 1.25mm nozzle jet with 1.1mm one to produce thicker foam to better foaming your vehicle. For example, in USA, as the electricity is just 110v voltage, so most elecrical power washers are very compact and low pressure, for those pressure washers, most people need this 1.1mm orifice nozzle to make thick foam.

However, every pressure washer has its unique specifications. for example, some small pressure washers have low pressure, but a big output flow rate. So, sometimes, even if your pressure washer is 110Bar pressure, you still don’t need to replace the nozzle screw jet.

Also, with decades of innovation on engines, now most electric pressure washers are very powerful to make good foam with 1.25mm orifice nozzle.

As long as your MJJC foam lance (foam cannon) works fine with your pressure washer, don’t bother to replace the nozzle screw. MJJC Foam Cannon is with innovative foaming technology, it can make good foam with 1.25mm orifice nozzle with most pressure washers.

1. Why do the 1.1mm and 1.25mm nozzles look the same?
The 1.1mm and 1.25mm nozzles look exactly same, they are just with different holes 1.1mm and 1.25mm. The hole is very small, so we can’t recognize the difference by eyes.

2. Why can’t my foam lance(foam cannon) create thick foam like others?
The foaming result depends on not only the foam lance, but also the pressure and output rate of your power washer, as well as your car wash shampoo (soap). MJJC Foam Lance would make great foam with concentrated shampoo(soap). Some big name brands of shampoo(soap) is not concentrated type.

3. Does MJJC spare orifice nozzle work with other brands of foam lance?
No, MJJC Parts are specially designed for MJJC foam lance only.

4. When to use the 1.1mm orifice nozzle?
We suggest not to use 1.1mm orifice nozzle unless you can’t make good foam with 1.25mm orifice nozzle.

5. Why other brands suggest 1.1mm orifice nozzle?
Other brands foam ability is different from MJJC. So they need 1.1mm orifice to make good foam. However, 1.1mm orifice may harm your pressure washer if it is over 110Bar (1700psi). That’s why MJJC make foam cannons with high foam performance even with 1.25mm orifice nozzle.

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