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April 2011

Our Humble Beginnings

Our co-founders, Michael, Jeremy, Justin, and Calvin, inspired by an Italian and British brand, came into realizing that foam lance is a great tool for foaming, but also an essential tool for car wash.

In 2011, the four co-founders decided to establish a company to produce our own foam lance and put the first letters of their first names into the brand "MJJC".

July 2012

First MJJC Foam Cannon

Following the goal of producing excellent foam lances, we started to study the essential technology and skills.

After a year of unremitting efforts, our first foam lance was born in July 2012.

Shortly after, MJJC began to export foam lances to US and Europe and more countries. There are still a lot of lovely customers using those first-generation foam lances.

July 2016

Entry-level Foam Lance

MJJC obtained a reputation by producing first-generation foam lances.

To give customers more choices, we made lighter foam lances in 2016.

The entry-level foam lances cut the price down but had the same performance as classic foam lances.

July 2019

Pro V1 and Pro V2

Customers always need better-value products. To meet customers’ demand, we spent 1-year to make a Pro foam cannon. The Foam Cannon Pro (V1.0) came out in 2019.

By listening to detailers and enthusiasm consumers, we launched the Pro V2.0 in 2021.

September 2022

S V3.0 and Shampoo

Pro V2.0 was reviewed by many detailers and consumers and received a good reputation. That's good news for us.

However, we want to bring customers more satisfaction. We want to make foam cannons work more smoothly, easily, and efficiently.

Foam Cannon S V3.0 and MJJC Foam Shampoo did that.

January 2024

Next Level

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