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Works fine, no leaks

MJJC foam cannonS v3.9

This is by far one of the best snow foam cannon Iv used, excellent foaming capability, has a 360’ adjustable angle for the foam spread, and the only cannon I’m aware of that has a metal ball on the pick-up so it always picks up all the fluid in the bottle no matter the angle, comes with serviceable parts and and extra orifice to adjust the fluid flow, excellent product highly recommend

Great service

No Doubt The Best

This is by far the best foam cannon on the market! Just get one and I guarantee that you won't ever buy a different brand again.

Super impressive!

Until now i used some foamers, but none of them were as good as this one! I was super impressed with the build quality, the materials feel very hard and sturdy, the connection of the head and the bottle is also one thing i really like, unline other foamers that have a thread on them, this one has just like a click connect (you twist it like 90 degrees and it connects instead of screwing it on) which i really love!
The foam that this foamer produces blew me away. I tested the foaming of this foamer and another foamer i used till this day, it was the same active foam, same dilution, the MJJC foamer performed a lot better, the foam was so much more thicker and sticked to the car a lot longer!
So far, I am really impressed with this foamer and i can only recommend it!

Foam Cannon S v3.0 Delivers!

Link for the video below!

An improvement over the Foam Cannon Pro; better bottle and head design and a neat attachment. If you've used a foam cannon and pressure washer before, it really is fire-and-forget.

Used in conjunction with MJJC Foam this really delivers thick foam that doesn't want to just melt off the vehicle right away. Setting the right adjustment for mixture and flow can be a little tricky at first, as I found the settings a little bit fine, so *slight* adjustment is necessary each time.

Great for all levels of user, but best for intermediate/experienced.

Spare Cap for Foam Cannon Pro
c.a.u. (Orlando, FL, US)

I never received the bottle all the cap. There's your review.

Best snowfoam gun out there

Awesome lance compared to many / this one is very well made work's great and good price / as recently had lots off problems with snowfoam laces


Its a total improvment from all the standard foam cannons. Thanks!!


Best product. Perfect fitting! No leaking!

Video review

The construction material looks very good. It makes a lot of foam as you can see in the video.

Order never arrived.

I did not receive the shipment. I want my money back.


The adapters are great, however, I’m having a hard time trying to install the quarter inch quick connect. It don’t know if it requires a special tool.

Foam Cannon S V3.0 Adapter for PA style Quick Release pressure washers

Fantastic device

Foam Cannon with mjjc soap is fantastic. I had a blast using it and seeing my car covered all in a stick foam. It also cleans car very well, it's not just nice effect. I had a lot of bugs in the front and I let the foam stay for coupe of minutes and after that I cleaned everything without any problems. Before I had to use special liquids for bugs to remove them. I hope the durability of foam cannon will be also good and for years. Don't think about it, just buy it, you won't regret it!

Far exceeded my expectations

Excellent foam cannon. I’d heard they were really good but it far exceeded my expectations. I had been using an autoglym cannon which was good in my opinion. The Mjjc cannon is far superior. Better flow control. Better direction control. More balanced. Really well built. Delivers perfect foam every time. Just great. Full review here.

Haven't received it yet

Haven't received it yet

Just trying to take care of my ride.

Ordering was easy. Even though they asked if it could ship from China due to inventory it still arrived quickly in about a week. Used it already and it performed well with no issues. Looks, feels and performs as expected.


lost my other tube. now my MJJC v3 works great again

Works Well

Works as promised. Blew out the O ring after the first 4 uses, but an easy fix. capacity could be increased, but overall, I'm happy with the way it works.

Exceeded expectations

Everything I was hoping it would be. Massive foam volume, smooth adjustments, and top shelf quality.

Mjjc foam cannon Sv3.0

Just received this and tried it out the second I received and it’s just wonderful that with such little soap it foams up like no other🔥